About Us
Our Mission
Shasta River Milling is a small, home based business, operating out of Yreka, California.  Our mission is to supply customers unique wood slabs, furniture products and cost effective lumber. As our Mill is mobile, we also emphasize in the option to repurpose wood from customers existing properties, which can be utilized in home building projects.

About Our Lumber
Our lumber products are made to order and we have two options with this service.  We can either supply and mill lumber for you, or we can mill logs which you provide.  All estimates are based on projected hours, ranging from $60-85 per hour.  Hours required vary due to wood hardness, size of log, desired thickness/width of lumber, and manpower needed.  All milling projects and lumber are very competitively priced and high quality.

Wood Slabs
Our speciality wood slabs are a great conversation piece and often used for furniture.  To name a few possibilities, these slabs are often used for benches, countertops, dining room tables, floating shelves, and mantles.  However, due to limited availabilty of certain wood types, our inventory can vary from month to month.  Size, desired use, color, and style often play a role in determining which slab is best for you and we are happy to make recommendations or mill custom sizes.

Shasta River Milling

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